Friday, March 10, 2006

Are Hackers Framing iBill

iBill is claiming that they are being framed. Wired News (Quinn Norton) is now reporting:

"I'm the first person that would have taken this to the FBI and the first person to have gone on 60 Minutes to say 'we screwed up,' if that were the case," said iBill President Gary Spaniak Jr.

"Spaniak says iBill cross referenced the 17 million transaction database against its own on Wednesday, and that only three e-mail addresses matched between the two."

"Additionally, some entries in the stolen databases were identified as purchases on Diner's Club cards, which iBill says it has never accepted in its nine year history. Spaniak says iBill recently passed a security audit that found its databases well secured."

"Wired News found that entries from the smaller cache of one million consumers are listed as mortgage leads on a spammer community site, A Google search turns up scores of offers on for purported iBill databases, one of them advertising "20mill ibill list w/Full data from 2003" for $300. But in one message, a spammer slams an underground vendor for selling him a fake iBill list."

"Other offers on the site purport to sell data from competing internet billing firm CCBill, which says that it isn't aware of having been breached either."

What scared me the most was a statement issued by the FBI regarding this:

"An FBI spokeswoman says the bureau wouldn't investigate the breach unless the source of the leak comes forward to make a complaint."

Here is the full story by Quinn Norton:

Porn Biller Says It Was Framed

I did check the website and it does exist.

Pretty scary that this site is up and going AND selling people's personal information.

Perhaps, Paul Young of prying1 said it best when he wrote "Online Porn Addicts Be Aware of this."

With sites like and all the recent data breaches, we all need to Be Aware. Even if the information doesn't come from iBill, it appears people's information is being sold there.

I wonder if anyone at the FBI is investigating "" If they aren't, they should be!

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Anonymous said...

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