Thursday, March 09, 2006

iBill (Adult Services Payment Processor) Latest Financial Services Company to be Breached

Quinn Norton of Wired News and Boing Boing are reporting that one of the major processors for "adult services" has compromised millions of their customer's personal information.

"Seventeen million customers of the online payment service iBill have had their personal information released onto the internet, where it's been bought and sold in a black market made up of fraud artists and spammers, security experts say."

"The stolen data, examined by Wired News, includes names, phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses and internet IP addresses. Other fields in the compromised databases appear to be logins and passwords, credit-card types and purchase amounts, but credit-card numbers are not included."

Porn Billing Leak Exposes Buyers

Sunbelt Software discovered the initial breach of about one million customers, about a month ago. Their CEO does an excellent blog, which I recommend:

Alex Eckelberry's Sunbelt Blog

iBill (in keeping with tradition) isn't revealing very much about the breach.

This list of breaches (compiled by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse) is quickly becoming in need of an update.

A Chronology of Data Breaches Since the ChoicePoint Incident

Unfortunately, new (major) breaches are being uncovered all the time.

Unfortunately a federal bill (S.1789) is still in the Judiciary Committee. Here's the bill summary. This might be the first step in forcing companies, who have been breached, to do a little "explaining" to their customers.

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