Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Rumor of Raids Against Illegal Immigrants

Nina Bernstein of the NY Times is reporting:

False rumors of random federal immigration raids have sent panic through immigrant communities around the country this week, emptying classrooms, work sites and shopping areas and sending thousands of people into hiding.

Whatever their source or intent, the rumors have given an unintended jump-start to a nationwide boycott many groups have planned for Monday, a day on which immigrants are being urged to stay away from work and to refrain from shopping to protest legislation that would make it a felony to stay in the United States without proper papers. At the same time, some immigrant advocates fear that the scare will keep people away from public demonstrations called as an alternative to the boycott. Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices have been deluged with inquiries about reports of random raids, from pizza parlors to construction sites, said Ernestine Fobbs, a spokeswoman. Many denials, she said, have failed to stem the rumors.

Link, here.

This is a sensitive issue, on one hand, no one wants to target hard working people trying to make a better life for themselves, but on the other hand, a lot of criminal activity is related to illegal immigration.

In fact, criminals (primarily the organized type) make a lot of money smuggling humans and other things over the border.

There is also the need to secure our borders from the very real threat of terrorism.

Unfortunately, it also seems that a lot of corporations turn a blind eye to all this criminal activity, which victimizes the general public and the immigrants, themselves.

Then there is the problem of social programs going bankrupt. Part of this is fueled by the needs of people, who are here illegally and the fact that the corporations hiring illegal immigrants aren't paying their fair share of the social costs.

Tomorrow should be interesting, but the fact remains that massive reforms and actions need to be undertaken to address this problem.

Perhaps, we should give preferential treatment to those illegal immigrants, who turn in the criminals profiting from their hard work?

Recognizing those, who exhibit the qualities of a good citizen should be one of the factors considered when deciding whether, or not they are fit to become legal.

It makes a lot more sense to use our resources planning raids against criminals instead of hard working people.

We need to create a fair and just way for hardworking people to immigrate and address the root of the problem, which is criminal enterprise.


libertyordeath said...

The debate about the immigration bill and the national anthem being translated to Spanish "Nuestro Himno" or "Our Anthem" are showing the true nature of the majority of the American culture, the radical segment, ultra nationalist, full of bigotry and racism.

There are wide scale raids taking place in different parts of the country for illegal immigrants. These raids against immigrants going on accross the country remind us of Kristalnaught in Germany when the persecution for the jews started.
Just like Germany, there are detention camps (sounds familiar?), and then mass deportations. The sad consequences are separations of families and economic despair.

It takes us back to 60's, during the critical years for the civil Rights movement; there is still a lot of hate and prejudice, this time against immigrants.

It shows the lack of culture and exposure to the world; reflecting how the vast majority of Americans are simply so closed minded.

After an opportunistic company wanting to cash out on patriotism produced the Spanish version of the national anthem. There has been a total generalization that all immigrants are behind this effort to destroy the national anthem. Not only do they enter the country illegally, but they supposedly have an "agenda" to desecrate our flag according to many people debating the subject. It's an absolute amount of NONSENSE!
They come here to work and in search of opportunities, and at the same time supporting the economy of this great country. Their work ethic sustains many areas of our economy and make us more competitive (i.e. farms, construction)!

At the present time, they have no way of getting out of that limbo state, with no choice, but to continue being illegal. Penalize them if you will, but give them an opportunity. That's all they're asking for with the political activism of sympathetic organizations. The only goal of the boycott is to show their united strength, so politicians realize how important their contributions are to this country and make some people realize what a difference they make in just one day.

For some people, this is the perfect justification to refer to this defenseless group of people with offensive terms, derogatory descriptions of their skin, their status. These attacks lack coherent reasons, other than the usual primitive prejudice seen in Nazi Germany, and Fascist Italy during World War II.

The U.S. Government (Congress, Senate) need to force people somehow to get higher education, to overcome this bigot culture. The intolerance and ignorance is just unbelievable! There is considerable lack of understanding of other cultures, and what impact we as a nation are making to this world.
With our radical ways of thinking, we have become like the arrogant British Empire who were exploiting us before our independence. The very same people we were fighting against!

No wonder the world hates us, we want to impose our will to everybody with preemptive strikes. Our way or the highway.

Why give so much power to American corporations, who are the elite, the powerful ruling class. It seems the U.S. government is defending the powerful Wall Street business interests around the world, instead of the People's.
The American middle-class is a victim of globalization, with exploitation of global resources (cheap labor, minerals, etc).

Don't blame immigrants for the middle-class suffering, who are now becoming poorer everyday and soon will become extinct.

The immigrants from Latin America, as well as the American middle class, are victims of this savage economic warfare for supremacy in world markets.
Most immigrants are being squeezed out of their own lands when U.S. corporations unfairly compete with subsidized products, poverty and corruption (sometimes leveraged for our advantage), and they come here to be exploited to provide cheap labor to compete against the next world power China.

We expect "free markets" (e.g. NAFTA) for American products, but yet we reject the consequences of that savage economic wars, which is mass exodus of the people from those markets being exploited.

Our means of dialogue are force, and intimidation. Our military might, "shock and awe" will not always be the determining factor. We are the world's biggest bully. What happened to our human rights, compassion?

We claim to be a nation of Christians, but in reality, in the eyes of the world, we may be seen as a bunch of hypocrites. We seem to be as intolerant as Muslims! As Christians, we know Jesus preached love for thy neighbor, but with the present attitude, we Americans seem to be more like the Pharisees who killed Jesus.

If it wasn't for illegal immigrants and the cheap labor they provide, corporations would squeeze the American middle class even more and faster, and guess what? China would very likely have an advantage over us! We could no longer be as competitive!

Stop offshoring jobs to India and China!
At least offshoring jobs to Mexico would help in reducing immigrants from Mexico, so they can be exploited in their own lands and they don't have to come here!!

With all of these, we know the the real issues that need to be fixed are: oil prices, bad economy, and healthcare.
We hold you (the government) accountable to fix these problems.


Write to all of your political representatives to take action and stop this inhumane treatment!

Mark said...

A Libertyordeath: ¡QuĂ© idiota! Invoking Godwin in a first post to a comment thread is a sure loser.