Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Case of the Fox Watching the Henhouse

The head of a Medicaid fraud unit has been stripped of her responsibilities stemming from testimony she gave two years ago about committing fraud. Since she was testifying against her boss, the Governor, prosecutors made a deal with her that allowed her to continue working for the people of Connecticut.

Apparently, Kristine Ragaglia, head of Connecticut's Medicaid fraud unit, is being assigned to administrative duties after the new governor (M. Jodi Rell) reopened the case.

Even now, she can't be fired immediately.

When the investigation came to a head against former Governor (John Rowland), she left her post as head of the child protection agency, did a brief stint in the attorney general's office and then was hired to run the Medicaid fraud unit.

This all happened after she admitted to a grand jury of committing fraud.

For the full story from the Associated Press, link here.

This illustrates what's wrong with a lot of our social programs and the legal system. In my opinion, further investigation should also occur into everyone, who allowed this to happen.

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