Saturday, September 30, 2006

buySAFE on the State of e-Confidence

Jeff Grass and Steve Swoda (buySafe) have written some excellent posts regarding the current issues facing eBay and the e-commerce world in general.

With my (sometimes) narrow focus on fraud, I found all three of these articles a great read.

What is a "Market for Lemons"?

What's Wrong With eBay? It's Simple Economics

Everyone's a critic? Not so fast

The bottom line is that in any business, the customer is king. If the customer loses confidence - the business loses, also!

Of course - going back to my narrow focus - getting ripped off can put quite a dent in a customer's confidence.

If you would like to learn more about Jeff and Steve's business - link here.

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Anonymous said...

Good posting Ed. - Honesty, integrity, and customer service are important factors in every business. eBay's customers are both the buyers and the sellers. Some of both are crooks which hurt the honesty and integrity of the eBay brand. Ebay's customer service is shabby at best so they are losing on all three counts.