Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Shopping Group Inc. is a Secret Shopper Scam Outfit

The Shopping Group Inc. of Kitchener, Ontario (Canada) is sending out counterfeit checks recruiting people to become secret shoppers. The mission - should they choose to accept it - is to cash a fraudulent check and wire the money back to their superiors.

Of course - if caught, or when they are - The Shopping Group Inc. - only cares that the proceeds are wired back to them, preferably by MoneyGram, or Western Union.

It seems (as usual) - they are asking their employees (victims) to shop Walmart - probably because Walmart offers both "check cashing" and "wire transfer" services.

Although - I am taking a light hearted approach to this - anyone who falls for this ploy is likely to be out of a lot of money and (maybe) will lose their freedom.

If you receive one of these checks (being sent unsolicited) - take a deep breath - and put it in your "shredder."

To read the story from about this - link here.

Here is the most recent post, I've done on Secret Shopper scams:

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In most of these scams, counterfeit cashier's checks are used, here is a post I did on that subject:

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Anonymous said...

I want to express my gratitude for this website being available. I have received 3 different types of scams in the last week of October. the first is from a company that sent me a cashiers check in the amount of $2990.00. for the payment to be sent back to them for my $50,000 dollars that I won. They stress that international law says I cant use my own money but can use part of my winnings to pay for the security holder. The check was issued from 1st community credit union and I called to verify the funds legitimacy and of course the check is counterfeit. the second is from this shoppers group for $3280. And now I'm going to research an international lottery that says I won 91000 and they want 5%. Just a hint of warning is always verify everything and never give out valuable information, scam artist are all over these days.

Anonymous said...

Today is the day Feb 5,2007 that hundreds of counterfiet cashier checks, for the amount of $4968.00, from "Ravalli County Bank" has gone out. You call the number and it is the same voice that is on the message as the voice that you talk to. Head up: for being a "bank employee" there is a tv in the back ground and she sounds board. I then call the number to get further unstructions. They claim they are with the BBB but all you can find on them there is Fraud! So please beware and ALWAYS research first never take anything for face value!

Ed Dickson said...

Would love specific information on the BBB being used.

If you have some - please contact me at

GrannyNanny said...

Today (4/26/07) I received a check in the mail for $4975.00 with a letter from Mystery Shopper filled with instructions and forms to fill out. The check says it's from Corporate Environmental Strategy in Ortonville, Michigan, drawn off LaSalle Bank - I don't recognize any of it, but regardless, it's clearly a scam to have any stranger send such a large amount of money and then ask for me to cash the check and send a Money Gram at Walmart to some supposed relative in Winnipeg Manitoba... I appreciate your blog telling about this kind of thing - it confirmed what I believed to be true. I will shred this check asap. Is there anywhere I should report this to? Or does that do any good? This is a first for me.
Thanks. Grannynanny in Oregon

Ed Dickson said...

One place I recommend reporting it to is the Federal Trade Commission. I have it linked on my main page. For activity in Canada, reporting it to Phonebusters, is also a good thing to do.

Just go to "home" at the bottom of the post, or drop me an e-mail at if you need me to explain anything further.

Anonymous said...

Today (June 15,2007) I received a check for $4885 from a company in Winnepeg, MB R3B2W7 banking through North Fork Bank Branch #210. However, there was no bank address and no company name or company address. I became leary since this was check from a company I didn't know. They listed their website but when you go on there, it didn't give you company info but more of a search engine. The address they gave me was 353 Sherbrook Street Unit 12 Winnipeg, MB R3B2W7. "Human Resource Manager" is signed Scott Nicholson and "Authorized Signatures" on the check had DJB Johnson and Michelle L. Lau. Hope this helps someone out there. Thank you for your site and the information on where I can report this scam.

Ed Dickson said...

The truth is that not much is done in individual cases - but you might want to report it to PhoneBusters (Canada) AND OR the FTC.

Nonetheless, it is still good intelligence for law enforcement and they do build cases.

I have links set up on the right hand side of my front page that will take you right there.

Flo said...

I really appreciate you posting this. I got a check for $4,975.00 the other day (Jan 2008) for mystery shopping. Since I do legitimate mystery shopping, it caused me to pause for a moment. Thankfully I found your site first off and got the truth. Thank you very much.