Friday, September 29, 2006

Kentucky Compromises the Identities of their Own

It appears that the State of Kentucky has "bungled" and exposed a lot of their own workers.

Roger Alford of the AP is reporting:

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Letters sent to 146,000 government employees in Kentucky inadvertently displayed each of their Social Security numbers on the front, prompting Attorney General Greg Stumbo to issue a warning about possible identity theft.

"The Social Security number is the key that unlocks many doors for identity thieves," Stumbo said in statement. "With that information, an identity thief has access to a host of information about consumers."

AP story, here.

Unfortunately, data breaches seem to occur (often) and one the leading causes is "inept behavior" by those charged with protecting the information.

If you are interested in seeing a "chronology" over the past few years (courtesy of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse) - link here.

I found this story on "Pogo Was Right," which is a great resource on privacy issues.

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